Road Tripping

I am away from my desk this week, taking a long and glorious autumn road trip to the Midwest with our daughter. We will listen to some favorite tunes, a podcast, and perhaps an audio book or two. I am sure we will play a few rounds of our car game, and I cannot wait. These times are both precious and fleeting.

It is good to get away every now and again, isn’t it?

A blog reader and kindred spirit has invited us to a conference, and isn’t God kind to grant me not only a new friendship, but also a husband who has sent us off with his blessing and a Chick-fil-A gift card? Along the way we will stop at my alma mater, so I can show Lauren the exact place I first spotted her Dad.


In the meantime, I penned some thoughts in another space, and thought I would invite you to read along.

I leave you with this prayer from Charles Spurgeon:

We ask for a revival of true godliness all over the world. We pray, grant that these disastrous times may drive your children nearer to you; may deliver many of them from a worldly spirit; and may it come to pass that, while they grow poor one way, they may grow rich in another, by the sanctification of their losses and afflictions.

God be gracious to this land. Send us, we pray, the Holy Spirit more abundantly than ever; and may there be myriads born to Christ in these latter days. So do with all the nations, until all lands shall bow before you, and all generations shall call you blessed.


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