This One’s for You, Jon

In honor of my husband’s 50th, here are fifty things you should know about him.

  1. He was Jonathan until junior high, when his friends suddenly shortened it to Jon. He and his family rolled along with the change which I find both odd and fascinating.
  2. Our dorm floor had a pic-a-date my junior year of college, and I did not want to go. The house rules meant that we had to phone a boy on behalf of our roommate, inviting them on the huge floor date. I told my roommate I was not interested, and she said, Yes Kristin, I know, but if you changed your mind, give me the top three guys you would ask. I looked at her and said, Jon Couch, Jon Couch, Jon Couch. So she called him and he said Yes. I was mad at her for about two seconds.
  3. Jon phoned me the next day and I liked his voice. Very much. The pic-a-date is two whole weeks away, he said. Do you want to go out this weekend? I paused for a second. Well, yes I do.
  4. Jon was called 90210 on campus, because he had long sideburns and hair similar to that of Jason Priestly and Luke Perry. Remember, this was 1992.
  5. The girls on campus (myself included) considered him dreamy.
  6. In fact, one girl on campus chased Jon for months while we were dating. Hey Johnny! she sang out every time she passed him. I rolled my eyes and mouthed Johnny?? Clearly, I am not one for sudden name changes. Praise be, she finally married someone else.
  7. On one of our first dates, we went to Pizza Hut. What is your favorite topping, he asked. Mushrooms, I said. He ordered a mushroom pizza, and as we were talking and eating, I noticed a pile growing under his napkin. Are those mushrooms, I asked. He smiled. Why didn’t you tell me you don’t like them. He waved it off. It’s okay, he said. He still despises mushrooms, and I still adore them.
  8. Jon proposed at that same Pizza Hut on a chilly Sunday night before Thanksgiving.
  9. I said yes.
  10. He tricked me by majoring in Business Administration.
  11. And then after some time in the business world, he became my pastor.
  12. He is the only person I know who chews ice cream.
  13. Corvettes are his specialty.
  14. He played quarterback in high school and college.
  15. I loved his athleticism.
  16. Our fall dates in college were often spent watching football. I learned so much as he patiently explained the game. Once we married, we kept watching.
  17. Good thing, since we would soon have four children who adore the sport.
  18. When our children were little Jon played with them after work every night. Legos, games of catch, stuffed animals. I’ve never known a father to get down on the floor and play so consistently.
  19. Some folks frequent theme parks, or travel the country by motorhome, or play video games. Not us. We played backyard football and watched college football and NFL. It was our thing, and still is.
  20. Jon was responsible for teaching all four of our children how to properly throw and catch, and it worked.
  21. Jon is always encouraging others.
  22. He does not cook.
  23. We are so, so, different.
  24. I have specific favorites of everything, while he does not.
  25. This being said, he was exceedingly particular about choosing our children’s names. I loved him for it.
  26. He delights in soft, chocolate chip cookies.
  27. When our oldest was four, Jon told me that he could not bear the idea of putting him into public school.
  28. So we didn’t.
  29. Jon was the biggest supporter of our home schooling for almost a quarter of a century.
  30. He quizzed our children nightly on spelling words and math flashcards.
  31. Jon prays aloud for our children every single time they call home.
  32. He is always reading and marking his Bible.
  33. I have never seen a more worn, marked Bible than my husband’s.
  34. He has expressive eyebrows.
  35. His eyes are hazel with flecks of light brown.
  36. As a little boy he turned over a trashcan in the back yard and pretended it was a pulpit, and began preaching.
  37. He does not like raspberries.
  38. I think ice cream should be a food group. Jon? Not so much.
  39. But he loves the homemade hot fudge I make.
  40. He preaches and teaches the truth of Scripture.
  41. He is a highly-functioning introvert, and requires a good measure of solitude. (This is the one way we are alike.)
  42. Our favorite times are those spent with our family.
  43. He buys me a Trenta-sized Starbuck’s passion tea with light ice and six stevia nearly every week.
  44. He champions my many hours spent writing.
  45. He spent decades living in Florida, and after three years in my favorite state he loves the cooler temperatures and stunning seasons here in Virginia.
  46. I am still learning things about my husband after twenty-eight years of marriage.
  47. Just recently he plunked down on the floor to play cars with our grandson. It brought back wonderful memories from those olden days with our children.
  48. We have known each other for 30 years.
  49. Our marriage has refined us in ways too numerous to count.
  50. Happy Birthday, dear husband of mine.


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4 thoughts on “This One’s for You, Jon

  1. Kristin… I have tears in my eyes and a heart full of joy from learning about this humble servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing my, unknown before reading, my brother in Christ with me!!! I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven one day!!

    I am so happy for all the Lord has blessed you with in this, often arduous, life in a fallen world. Praising Jesus with you and lifting him up in prayer!!!
    John 10:10… press on you two!!!🙌🏽💕

    Liked by 1 person

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