It Began on Washington Street

I am happy to tell you that a portion of my blog has now become a book!

It Began on Washington Street is in honor of my grandfather. Sixty-five stories turned chapters, with an introduction and a beloved photograph, too.

Here are a few sentences from the introduction:

I invite you into the broken and beautiful stories of my simple, ordinary life. In this book, each stand-alone story will spark familiarity, warming you with the overarching promises and truths of God. Our tangled, knotty lives hold purpose, are authored by our Creator, and deserve to be told.

I am grateful for you, my small, blog-driven readership. It is my prayer that you will enjoy, savor, and also share It Began on Washington Street with your friends and family. And for those that have requested this collection of stories in book format–this one’s for you.

Would you consider leaving an honest review? I have prayed over my words, asking God to use them as he desires. I trust him fully.

Thank you for faithfully reading along in this quiet meadow– tucked within a turbulent world.


(My book’s interior and cover design were crafted by a loyal reader, Willow Feller, owner of Green Withy Press. She is a gem, wildly talented and kind. Without her this book option would not exist.)

15 thoughts on “It Began on Washington Street

  1. What a delightful surprise to open your blog and find such good news! Ordering today and will be happy to leave a review. I have always relished your writings – can’t wait to read this book. 💛

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  2. Do you or have you ever considered doing an audio version of your blog? I would love to hear you read your wonderful, touching, and inspirational writings. Heading over to the Amazon now to order the new book. Thank you and God bless.


  3. What great news! Blog posts are good, but books are so much better! I have placed my Amazon order and will be happy to leave a review. Thank you for doing this!


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  4. Thank you! I have not read as many of your blogs as I’d like to, but this time I vowed not to miss out. My order from is to arrive Monday! I’m deeply grateful.

    I’m confident God will continue to bless the gifts He’s entrusted to you.

    Even your comment recently about writing Mondays challenges me. I confess I’m not disciplined, and I am not proud of that. I’m a stumbler…falling often and getting up again, only by my Father’s enabling.

    Someday I know we will meet. It will likely be when we’ve both put aside our writing tools, and can bask in the presence of the Word. Until then, may our words be pleasing to Him.

    Pat Gerbrandt


  5. Ordering my copy today and will leave a review on Amazon for sure. What a sweet way to honor your grandfather.
    Your stories are beautiful and I always look forward to them. I for sure wished you would publish a book. As much as I like the convenience of a blog and the blessing that technology has been in introducing me to wonderful christian literature- nothing beats holding a beautiful book in the hands.


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