10 thoughts on “A More Bible-Saturated Me

  1. Love this Kristin! The Bible is a feast not only for the weary traveler but for the beautiful fight to finish the race. Thank you for sharing about being saturated with God’s Word. Inspiring!

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  2. Beautiful wisdom as always! The last few months the Lord has really been putting Matthew 11:29-30 on my heart and your essay correlates perfectly with these words on the rest The Lord gives our souls as we take His yoke. That rest allows us to be rejuvenated! I think we have to remember not only to take the yoke but to do the second part which is to learn from him. (I’m guilty of just taking the yoke and thinking I’m done! ) Thank you for this timely post!


  3. I subscribed to Desiring God some time ago – then this week a ran across your story and decided to subscribe to your blog too. I love your writing – it is lyrical and close to the heart. Thanks for sharing with the world. I am a member of faithwriters.com and sometimes short devotionals of mine are posted on their site.

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  4. I SO needed this at this moment in my life. I have written a book about having a relationship with God, and haven’t even been following my own advice! I’ve let sadness, loneliness, and stress take over my life lately. Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding me of what’s necessary for the joy I’ve been missing.

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