Wildflowers (Part 2)


Harold laughed as he swung a pail full of carrot tops and potato peals and leftover sour cream.  The hogs would eat well today.  Dorothy was always fussing at him to remember the pail, and today he did.

The sun was roasting on the back of Harold’s neck as he slopped the pigs.  He pulled a red bandana from his overalls and wiped his neck and brow. Dorothy sometimes tied her shiny brown hair up in a bandana.  He smiled big.  Prettiest girl in the world. He recalled those wide brown eyes watching him at the dance two years ago this last April.  And now here they were, getting ready for their first baby, next month.

Harold had never known such happiness.  Dorothy was not mushy like some of the fellow’s girls, but she was steady and no one outworked his Dorothy.  In fact, sometimes Harold tugged her outside to their porch swing in the evenings, to just enjoy the evening and swing and relax. On occasion, she sat close and rested her head on his shoulder.  He would tell her about his day on the farm, and what animals needed to see Dr. Adams, and maybe ask her what seeds she was fixing to plant for a summer garden.

Harold walked to the corn field and crouched low.  The plants looked so brittle.  He was worried about this scorching dry spell for his crops.  With a baby on the way……well, money was tight. Heck, it was brutal for everyone these days.  He shouldn’t complain as his Dad had left him this beautiful farm when he died right after Harold and Dorothy’s wedding.  He just didn’t want to worry Dorothy.  She had a little one to soon tend to and she was quiet as of late. 

Later on, as the sun began to sink, he would pluck a handful of those determined wildflowers for his love; yes, that was the way to catch her small smile.

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