I Seek

I seek to be:

Unoffendable in spirit,

Generous as far as I am able,

a care-filled writer and gentle truth-teller who is daily

Doing the hard work of repentance,

honest writing,

and loving my family well.

Unoffendable in spirit. Being unoffendable is a choice that requires practice, and leads to a satisfied heart in Christ, not situations. It is grateful and happy. When someone offends, my gut instinct is to rehearse the wrongs done. This fosters bitterness, and eats away at peace. It is a relief to let the offense go, and carry on with life!

Generous as far as I am able. Everyone is battling something, and everyone has pain. I want to grow in grace, generously extending understanding and compassion, knowing that God sees and judges. “As far as I am able” simply means that there comes a time when a person is known by their fruit, and if it is continually rotten, then generosity granted at this point would become enabling. God alone changes hearts, and there is a time to walk away. It is not my job to fix anyone.

A care-filled writer and gentle truth-teller. Words matter. I love to think of caring for my readers by painting pictures with 26 letters, arranged in countless ways. A care-filled writer shows rather than tells, offers wisdom and truth gently, inviting others to gather around and think. A care-filled writer takes time to write consistently and beautifully, without hurry, without applause.

Honest Writing. Humble words that go beyond being care-filled with gentle truth-telling. Honest writing means sharing truth as best as I am able. A respectful transparency that is tethered to candor. I recently read a piece of writing written by someone I know in real life. If I had not known her, I would have been moved by her words. They sounded care-filled and a word picture was painted. The problem was that it was not honest writing. She took a real life situation and lied seamlessly. This is the opposite of honest writing.

Doing the hard work of repentance. It is a good and holy thing to take a solid look at myself in the mirror. What pride is creeping in? What self-centered attitudes are invading my heart? Am I doing battle with sin, or am I explaining everything away? And then: I am sorry, Lord. Please forgive me and help me to turn my gaze to you. Help my unbelief.

Loving my Family Well. I could write all the livelong day. But this would not be loving my family well. So I will carve out time to write, while being generous in serving my family with the other hours in the week. It is my joy.

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